Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stone Envy

While this isn't exactly a new addiction, I haven't actually done much in the way of collecting new and unusual stones; that is, until I joined the Aspiring Metalsmiths. I blame them for my newly acquired case of stone envy (been lusting after all the beauties that they keep posting) - such bad influences! LOL.

I foresee a bunch of new stones in my future, in the meantime here are a few little oddities that I've picked up here and there over the years.
Many of these aren't necessarily good for setting, but they are fun to have.

Probably my oddest looking stone. Found this in a river while hiking in the Midwest.

So fond of fluorite; and the little bit of amethyst sitting behind it.

Tourmaline cutie that I keep meaning to do something with

I'm sure everyone has one of these

Pink quartz(?) that I have keeping me company on my workbench.

jade ball (fun to hold)

glistening piece of tiger eye

Sweet stone from my secret santa this year (thanks Steph). the photo doesn't do it justice. It's a nice soft blend of the most beautiful colors. It's been teasing me lately to do something with it.

Now if you want to see some really exciting collections, check out these links below of the awesome Aspiring Metalsmiths.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Great Find Today

Just thought I'd let you all know of an awesome jewelry artist and friend of mine; Clarity at Scrollwork Designs on Etsy.

She's got such extraordinary skill with silver and has made some fantastic designs that I've been lusting over for a VERY long time.

To stop by her shop, click on the link above or just click on the photos to go directly to her listing, and while you're there, make sure you take a peek at her descriptions, the one for the Devil's Shoestring (below) had me laughing.

Here's a beautiful ring.

If I was to put all of my favs on here I'd have a link to every page in her shop.
As it is, I had the dickens of a time trying to show only two.

Heads up! If you love her jewelry as much as I do... Clarity's running a Facebook giveaway to get 1000 friends and is offering some uber fantastic goodies; details on her blog The Square Peg Nation.

Please take some time, drop by her shop and her blog and share some love.