Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Long Time No Talk to

Is it just me or do the days just seem to speed by lately?
You get busy doing something, and the next time you look up months have gone by.

It's a beautiful day today with the fall colors showing in our little mountains here in Tennessee.  We're having an unseasonably warm day that just screams "come out and enjoy me before the cold weather settles in for good."

I'll try to snap a few photos for you all and put them in my next post.

Meanwhile, I have been doing something fun.  I tried my hand at melting sterling silver and trying my hand at salt casting and bean casting.

I had the hardest time trying to get the silver to melt in my little crucible and ended up carving a hole in my fire brick and using that instead.
Maybe the fire brick acted as more of an insulator and allowed the silver to heat up more uniformly.
It worked like a charm and I was able to get some fun shapes from the molten silver.

Here is a pic of the "keepers".  

I think my favorites are the castings in the salt (the front ones).  They seem to show a bit more detail and remind me of some underwater plants.

I found some of the prettiest little tourmaline crystals from RocksaMillion on Etsy that I've been dying to use.  I think that they will look amazing in these as a pendant.

I'll post some pics of the completed pendants when I get them finished and put them up in my Etsy ArtistiKat  shop... or maybe my K Davis Studios shop  (I'm trying to get that organized as well).

Thanks for stopping by and I promise I'll not wait as long to post the next time.